Age 3: Music Wonderland

Ages 4-5: Junior Music Course

Ages 6-8: Young Musicians Course

Yamaha Music School develops children’s musical skills with three fundamental principles:

Timely Education

In order for children to enjoy music and to absorb and understand the given material easily, we believe it is best to give them appropriate guidance in accordance with the degree of their physical and mental development. Based upon this concept of timely education, the Yamaha method introduces music fundamentals to children at the time when their hearing capabilities are rapidly developing.

Group Lessons

Group lessons have many advantages that enable children to enjoy rich musical experiences such as making friends through music, developing cooperativeness and deepening understanding of music through participation in ensembles. For this purpose, Yamaha has adopted a method whereby students can listen and play in a group, learning music while enjoying it.

Emphasis on Creativity

In order to enable students to develop their creative capabilities, it is important to help them develop the ability to express themselves by thinking freely. We hope to help them acquire and enhance sensitivity and imagination, which are both sources of creativity, through our comprehensive system of music education.

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